Best Mechanical Pencil For Drawing

Hemingway Brass Mechanical Pencils

We hand-make the best mechanical pencils for drawing

Our Handmade Metal Mechanical Pencils are designed with drawing in mind…

Most draftsman use a mechanical pencil, and we had them in mind when we designed them. Our metal mechanical pencils are perfectly balanced for drawing for hours on end without fatigue.

Our range comes in aluminium too for those who like a very light pencil to work with or our brass, stainless steel or titanium mechanical pencils may be be better suited to your style of drawing if you prefer a slightly weightier mechanical pencil in your hand.

A drafting pencil should be as comfortable as possible and robust to perform as long as you have to. We don’t hand-build mechanical pencils to be thrown away; we hand-build mechanical pencils to last longer than all other pencils.

These automatic pencils (as some may call them) have you at the heart of them.

Nicholas Hemingway designed all these pencils to be thought of as tools, not throwaway pencils with no thought for their value.

Hemiwear’s handmade mechanical pencils are for you to keep forever. Look after them and they will look after you. These are by far the best Mechanical pencils for drawing we have designed, but we have also designed them to be the best mechanical pencils for writing in the truest sense of the Hemingway family tradition.

Hemingway Stainless Steel Brass Mechanical PencilHemingway Mechanical PencilHemingway Brass Brass Mechanical PencilHemingway Titanium Brass Mechanical Pencil

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