5.6mm Clutch Pencil – Handmade in Ebony

This 5.6mm clutch pencil is a new addition to the Nicholas Hemingway pencil range following a very successful Kickstarter campaign where the product was launched.

Handmade from reclaimed ebony hardwood by Nicholas Hemingway himself, this is a heavy weight sketch pencil that feels great to hold with its wide grip. A very tactile piece of design that you won’t want to stop sketching with.

Did you know that one of his customers is one of the world’s most famous architects?

Beauty Engineered Simply is Nicholas Hemingway’s design signature.

He’d prefer people to forget the disposable culture, value your design tools and enjoy the lifelong companionship of a custom-made mechanical alloy pencil.

We have lots of happy customers worldwide. Illustrators, Engineers, Artists, Graphic Designers and Architects to design students, fashion students and people who are looking for that perfect gift for a friend or colleague.

**Every pencil is handmade by Nicholas Hemingway himself, and every endeavour is made to make the finished product perform to its best ability. Nicholas Hemingway’s family writing, design and engineering heritage has always driven his passion for quality and craftsmanship. He wants you to be able to give a gift that shows you believe in those same qualities, to own a writing or drawing instrument that will allow you to work as creatively as you can and achieve the highest degree of satisfaction in your own works, or to the person you may choose to gift one of his mechanical pencils to.

If a 5.6mm Clutch Pencil is not for you, then why not check out our Ebony and Brass Mechanical Pencil instead or perhaps our or Aluminium Mechanical pencils.

5 reviews for 5.6mm Clutch Pencil – Handmade in Ebony

  1. richard.delhoume (verified owner)

    Great quality ! Great design ! Simply beautiful !

  2. leodav

    He is a graffiti artist who draws pictures. This pencil is very easy to draw and is suitable for making various lines and faces.

  3. DrNancyT

    I purchased the ebony clutch mechanical pencil for my teenage granddaughter. She told me it is so classy, and the ebony is smooth and easy to grip. My granddaughter is artistic and interested in all levels of drawing and designing—the pencil was the perfect gift. Also, a bookworm, she was delighted about the Hemingway connection. I live in the United States, and the pencil arrived promptly and in perfect shape!

    Dr. Nancy Thaler


  4. catherine.defirmas

    I backed 2 of these pencils through Kickstarter, and they are really beautiful, balanced (it’s a pleasure to hold them in hand), & the fluidity of the writing is fantastic ! Thank you Nicholas.

  5. Matthew Ragen (verified owner)

    Great hand feel and well-balanced for a drawing pencil. The 5.6mm lead offers so much flexibility for drawing. And, as a side benefit – it’s absolutely gorgeous. Only a small handful of people are lucky enough to own a pencil with this quality!

    • Nicholas Hemingway

      Thank you so much for saying so Matthew. We are very lucky to have customers such as yourself. Thank you again.

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