Stainless Steel Writer Pen Nicholas Hemingway X Maloart


Nicholas Hemingway X Efrain Malo Collaboration 50 limited edition Writer Pens…

We believe there is a dignity that comes with creating a unique and individually crafted product. A value in the time taken to create it and an elegance in its cultivation and execution. We hope you let our products into your family for generations to come.

We have collaborated with exceedingly talented Efrain Malo to release 50 limited edition Nicholas Hemingway X Efrain Malo Writer Pens to celebrate his talents. We want to offer this fans a chance to collect this very special edition pen and treasure it for many decades to come.

Comes in a beautiful black vegan leather case and gift box.

48 in stock

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More about our Nicholas Hemingway X Efrain Malo Collaboration Special Edition Writer Pen…

Elevate your writing experience with the Stainless Steel Writer Pen—a symbol of sleek sophistication and unrivalled craftsmanship. This exceptional writing instrument is meticulously designed with stainless steel accents, showcasing a contemporary and refined aesthetic that sets it apart.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Writer Pen exudes a sense of understated elegance. The stainless steel accents gracefully complement the pen’s streamlined silhouette, creating a visual masterpiece that demands attention.

Unleash the full potential of your writing with the Stainless Steel Edition Writer Pen. Its flawless operation is made possible by the precisely engineered double O-ring mechanism, ensuring a smooth and seamless writing experience. Every stroke glides effortlessly, inspiring creativity and precision in every word.

Not only a tool of impeccable functionality, the Writer Pen serves as a stunning addition to your desk. Its timeless design, accentuated by the stainless steel accents, adds a touch of modern sophistication to any workspace. The perfect balance and ergonomic design ensure a comfortable grip, allowing you to write with ease for extended periods.

Discover the allure of the Steel Edition Writer Pen—a harmonious blend of elegance and purpose. Experience the epitome of fine craftsmanship and make a statement with your writing. Visit our website,, and explore our exquisite collection. Elevate your writing journey and immerse yourself in the mastery of a writing instrument that transcends expectation, leaving a lasting impression on every page.


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