The Writer Pen Summer Seconds Sale


IMPORTANT! Please read before purchasing…

We pride ourselves on perfection at Nicholas Hemingway Pens and every now and then one of our pens doesn’t pass our own internal inspection due to the tiniest imperfection in the production of the pen. These imperfections are normally hardly at all noticeable, but if we know about it then we hold the item back from sale.

We have decided to run a “Seconds Sale” for only 6 Writer Pens where we offer these items at a large discount to our customers. This is a private sale and you will only be getting this offer if you have been a previous customer of ours. PLEASE NOTE: Only the link you received through email will direct you to this page.

As we said above, the imperfections can be as small as a pin-sized scratch in the stainless steel of these pens. These are the perfect gift idea and no one but you will know why you got it so cheap!

We cannot stress enough how insignificant these imperfections actually are 🙂

Best of luck as there are only 6 of these available!

The Writer Pen weighs 43grams (with aluminium sleeve) and 23.3grams (just the stainless steel pen)

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