SEO Help For Artists

If you are in need of SEO Help then look no further.

Welcome, and don’t worry it’s not difficult. Let’s get started with some basic but very effective SEO help for artists.

First of all, when talking about SEO help we mean help with ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ (SEO). How you write your blog page has everything to do with how well it will perform online in terms of the amount of views it will receive. You want as many views as possible by the people who are searching for the topic your blog covers. How we do that is we write the structure of the blog page content in a particular way to enable google to realise it’s value in response to someone searching that topic.

The second bit of SEO help we will give here is that your content must not only cover the relevant ‘keywords’ to do with your topic, but include them absolutely everywhere you can within your blog content so that it helps google see how relevant your article (blog page) is to the subject covered and searched for by potential readers. With this basic SEO help you will be well on your way to reaching a high ranking with google for your keywords.

What are keywords?

I am going to assume you don’t yet know what these are, please forgive me if you do, I don’t mean to patronise you, but in this SEO help section, I am going to briefly explain all the basics you need to know in order to fully understand the basics.

Keywords are words or phrases that people write in the google search bar to find results based on those words. Easy enough to understand right?

So, next we have to find the right keywords people are using in order to include them in our article. If you are writing a blog on ‘Horseback fishing’ for example, (This is a new sport I have invented and yet to pursue) you may find that because of its brand new existence you won’t have any competing websites about it. If you were to type into google ‘horseback‘ as a keyword, you would find thousands of results of webpages on something or anything to do with ‘horseback‘ something or other. Likewise if you were to type into google ‘fishing‘, again it would produce an overwhelming amount of results for you. Now, if you were to write ‘Horseback fishing‘ into google, then my guessing is that nothing would appear.



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