Setting up your first blog page ever!

Setting up your first blog page couldn’t be easier!

This is our first blog page too…

I thought I would make it a useful page to those of you out there who are thinking of setting up a blog. So I put together this little page of what I know about doing it right in order to gain a few more leads from an attempt at gaining more traffic. In order to gain more traffic to your blog, you have to write your blog in a certain way. I have written this page so you too can know as much as i do about going about it.  Happy reading!!!!…

Are you just looking into setting up your first blog page? Well, all of the new team here at Hemiwear are doing just that right now! This is indeed our first post, and it couldn’t be easier to learn how to do it effectively.

The first thing you need to establish in setting up your first blog page is your AUDIENCE. Your audience is who you need to connect with in order to engage them and have them want to read more and more of your blogs in the future. What is the demographic of your audience? How do they behave online? what are they interested in? etc…Once you know the type of person you want to cater for, you can think about the next step.

The second thing to know is the type of INFORMATION your audience needs to be interested enough to even bother reading your blog. Remember that an audience isn’t just there to stroke your ego and read or feign interest in any old blurb you write. Remember, when setting up your first blog page the audience is only going to stay with you if you have something to OFFER them that they want.  It can be in the form of information and learning, new products, product news, or entertainment etc… If you have a funny blog you want to share with the world, that may be all the audience needs to make it a success. Whatever it is, it has to be ENGAGING enough for them to want to share to their friends or come back to at the least. If they land on your blog and are not interested, then they will vanish away from it forever, never to return.

The third thing is to write your blog in such a way that it is SUCCINCT and reads clearly to the average person. Again you have to realise that the average person is the mass market, so if you want to cater to the major populous of the nation then write like them in order to be understood and remain engaging. Then again if you are catering for an audience who may buy country clothing goods from your website or if your website sells Labrador toenail clippers, then write in a way that would remain engaging to that target audience.

These may seem very simple first steps to setting up your first blog page, but they are very important as you need to get going forward with these good habits from the off.

Take us for instance, as this is our first blog page and we have learnt a lot about writing blog pages in order to start blogging ourselves. This is why this first page is for you, we have created a page to help anyone searching for “setting up your first blog page” Firstly you reading this right now are our AUDIENCE. If you have read this far down the blog page then you have found the INFORMATION you are looking for and if you have done that, then we have been ENGAGING enough to have your attention.

This may seem odd, but it is good to give information in a blog that is not even seemingly relevant to your business sometimes. This article for example is completely unrelated to our superb Everlasting Mechanical Pencils (sorry, couldn’t resist), but it is helping someone to obtain information they or you may need in order to start setting up your own blog page. If it is something informative it may end up helping someone and after they read it, they may check out our shop in way of politeness and from that we may have something in that shop you may not be able to resist purchasing either for you or for a friend. Anyway, I hope this article was of some help towards setting up your first blog page and that you found it informative. Once you have absorbed all this information, take the next step which will help with optimising your blog’s searchability. Searchability is all to do with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), don’t worry, its very simple really to get your blog page in good order so that google appreciates your blog and ultimately suggests it to more people who are searching for the topic your blog covers. If you’re ready…see our next blog page on “SEO help” to really make the most of your efforts. Good luck!



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