Here at Nicholas Hemingway we pride ourselves on exceptional pen and pencil design.  Embracing our values as designers and as ambassadors of an important legacy.  We think of our pens and pencils as works of art in themselves as every single order is created for that specific customer.  We don’t believe in mass-manufactured products, but instead believe in modern writing and drafting tools made in a traditional way, so you know you are acquiring your own little piece of individuality. 

Nicholas Hemingway started the company and making pens in honour of his grandfather.  All of his pens and pencils are turned on his grandfather’s old lathe that was passed down to him upon his grandfather’s passing.  Every pen or pencil produced has the potential to create the next “great thing” by its new owner, and this is very important to the Nicholas Hemingway ethos.

Tradition and Storytelling

Our pens and pencils are built for a lifetime of companionship alongside our customers. The story you create with it is even more important than the story of us building it for you in the first place. We will always have that connection and want nothing more than you to treasure your Nicholas Hemingway pen or pencil and allow it to feature in your life story and others to come. We hope you create your legacy with one of our products. 


There is a dignity that comes with creating a unique and individually crafted product. A value in the time taken to create it and an elegance in its cultivation and execution. We hope you let our products into your family for generations to come.