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Nicholas Hemingway Wired

We have been given some lovely press in wired magazine’s ‘Wired insider’ as one of the “Top 5 trends for April

Business / Wired Insider

A nice little feature “25 kickstarter projects you’ll actually want to back” from take a look here – 25 kickstarter projects you’ll actually want to back.

Paddi Macdonnell  / WebDesignerDepot

Absolutely magazine

The Evening Standard wrote a little bit about us! Thank you Evening Standard!

Evening Standard

Absolutely magazine

Absolutely Magazine has written a lovely little mention of our company and our pencils! Thank you so much Absolutely Magazine for your praise! Click here for article.

Elizabeth Hutton / Absolutely Magazines

Rowland Rivron was one of the first people to own one of our mechanical pencils. A very funny man and a comedy hero to many.

Rowland Rivron / Comedian


Not my first Nicholas purchase but must say it’s one of my best, the feel the weight and just dam right design is perfect.. one one problem every one in the office likes it too much too.

Perfect gift to a man who has heaps of pens as he can get rid of the others.. 5*

Bryan Strachan / October 11, 2020

I’ve never called a pencil sexy before, but well…….this is. It feels fantastic, smooth to hold and with a really good weight. I’m getting lots of work done because I keep wanting to use the pencil. Highly recommended.

jc.76 / October 9, 2018

I own a lot of pens, but Nicholas’ Writer Pen is now my absolute favorite : the closing and opening mechanism is incredible, the lines are so pure it is a pleasure to look at it and to write with it. I like it so much that I just bought the small version of it (the traveller pen) as soon as it was possible.

catherine.defirmas / November 14, 2020

I purchased this pencil last February, but unfortunately I lost it. Thus, I had to re-order the same item, which explains everything, I believe ? For some reason, the barrel this time feels a little bit heavier and thicker than the previous one, but still nice enough. I love it!

hyowonriver / May 26, 2019