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Propelling Pencil vs. Mechanical Pencil: Decoding the Distinctions

Handmade Pens and-Mechanical Pencils

For the same kind of writing implement, the terms “propelling pencil” and “mechanical pencil” are frequently used interchangeably. In order to enable continuous writing without the need for sharpening, propelling pencils and mechanical pencils both have a mechanism that advances the lead as it becomes worn down. They provide comparable convenience, accuracy, and adaptability in […]

Engineering Pencils

Engineering Pencils

Engineering Pencils are also Known as Engineer’s Pencils or Mechanical Pencils… We’re glad you’re here to learn more about engineering pencils, the indispensable tools for accurate work in technical and engineering fields. The demands of precise and detailed drawing, drafting, and sketching are specifically met by engineering pencils, also referred to as an engineers pencils […]

Best Mechanical Pencil For Drawing

Metal Mechanical Pencils for drawing

What Makes the Best Mechanical Pencil for Drawing?…   Everyday users of a pencil know the best mechanical pencil for drawing is the one they currently draw with, but In the world of drawing it can take time to find your perfect drawing tool. The tools you use greatly influence how well your artistic endeavours […]

Mechanical Pencil Lead Sizes – A Comprehensive Guide

Mechanical pencil lead sizes are important and can be a little confusing to some. While I work with pencils everyday and sketch all the time, I have never written a comprehensive guide to mechanical pencil lead sizes. There are many people out there who may only stick to only a couple of lead types, so […]

Our Top 10 Mechanical Pencils

Here is our list of top 10 mechanical pencils and why our customers choose Nicholas Hemingway again and again… This is my list of his Top 10 mechanical pencils by British born designer of the famous Hemingway family, Nicholas Hemingway took a slightly different path to that of a literary career and pursued architecture and […]

Best Mechanical Pencils

Our Best Mechanical Pencils So Far… You will be hard pushed to find the best mechanical pencils ever…as this is individual opinion dependent on an individual’s specific wants and desires. So what makes our mechanical pencils the best of them all? Our Mechanical pencils are handmade from solid premium quality and space grade metals and […]

Luxury Brass Mechanical Pencils

We have re-launched our Luxury Brass Mechanical Pencil Mark II – Due to popular demand!   Nicholas Hemingway’s Mark II Brass Mechanical Pencil has been relaunched due to a large number of customers asking where it had gone? We stopped a few models to make way for new model mechanical pencils and wanted to see […]