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Titanium and Steel Mechanical Pencils

Titanium and Steel Mechanical Pencils

Titanium and Steel Mechanical Pencils Welcome to our guide on titanium and steel mechanical pencils. At Nicholas Hemingway, we pride ourselves on crafting exquisite writing instruments using premium metals like titanium and steel. Why Choose a Metal Mechanical Pencil? Metal mechanical pencils offer durability, elegance, and a satisfying weight that enhances the writing experience. Let’s […]

How Our Mechanical Pencils Inspire Creativity

How our mechanical pencils inspire creativity - Mark II Pencil

How Our Mechanical Pencils Inspire Creativity: Stories from Our Customers At Nicholas Hemingway, we see how our mechanical pencils inspire creativity and believe that the tools you use can significantly impact your creativity. Our handmade mechanical pencils are designed not just as writing instruments but as companions that inspire and enhance the creative process. In […]

The Handmade Writer Pen – A Pen for Writers

Handmade Writer Pen

Our handmade Writer Pen is for writers, engineers, and architects engineered with precision to perfection.

If you are in the market for our handmade Writer Pen, made of the highest quality stainless steel and aluminium with one of the smoothest open/close system around then this pen by Designer Nicholas Hemingway could definitely be for you.

Best Mechanical Pencil for Drawing – A Comprehensive Guide

Metal Mechanical Pencils for drawing

Best Mechanical Pencil for Drawing – A Comprehensive Guide Short Answer: For the answer to the best mechanical pencil for drawing we’ll dive right in to helping to decide. Discover the elegance and craftsmanship of Nicholas Hemingway’s unique mechanical pencils. Each pencil is meticulously handmade using premium materials like stainless steel, brass, aluminium, and carbon […]

Cool Mechanical Pencils Handmade By Hemingway.

Hemingway Handmade Brass Mechanical Pencil

Who wouldn’t want a cool mechanical pencil like this as a gift? Nicholas Hemingway prides himself on beautiful quality designed products. Handmade brass mechanical pencils as well as steel, titanium and aluminium mechanical pencils are a delightful gift for anyone to receive. A brass mechanical pencil for your desk is an object to cherish and […]

Handmade Mechanical Drafting Pencils

Hemingway Propelling Pencils

The sleekest Handmade Mechanical Drafting Pencils Yet… We have designed the ultimate handmade mechanical drafting pencils for draftsmen, architects, engineers and designers alike. I designed this mechanical pencil with one thing in mind. It had to be the best propelling pencil I would want to ever own and use daily. It had to be as […]

Propelling Pencils Handmade By Hemingway

Hemingway Propelling Pencils

Propelling pencils handmade by designer Nicholas Hemingway. The most beautifully stark and simple pieces of mechanical pencil design honed from solid metal, crafted and polished from scratch by the designer himself. These pencils are exquisite propelling pencils designed to be the best mechanical pencils for writing with. Nicholas Hemingway has designed them to feel like […]

Cool Mechanical Pencils are Handmade!

Best Mechanical Pencil

Very cool mechanical pencils handmade here at Hemiwear. All our metal mechanical pencils are handmade by Nicholas Hemingway in the true handcrafted Hemingway style. A cool mechanical pencil has to have a story, and the story behind Hemiwear and why Nicholas Hemingway designed the Everlasting Mechanical Pencil has been met with heartfelt warmth from customers […]

The Best Mechanical Pencil

Brass Mechanical Pencil

The Best Mechanical Pencils For Drawing & Writing Hemingway supposedly used to use a Palomino pencil if you were curious enough to want to know. Who would want to know this? Who cares. Nicholas Hemingway a relative of Ernest does not use a Palomino pencil. Nor is Nicholas Hemingway a great writer like Ernest, but […]