Our Top 10 Mechanical Pencils

Here is our list of top 10 mechanical pencils and why our customers choose Nicholas Hemingway again and again…

This is my list of his Top 10 mechanical pencils by British born designer of the famous Hemingway family, Nicholas Hemingway took a slightly different path to that of a literary career and pursued architecture and later on product design. He started designing his own mechanical pencils and pens and now offers these beautifully hand-crafted pens and pencils though nicholashemingway.com

When you order one of his pencils or pens you know that it will be made by his own hand specifically for you and when you receive it along with a personal note of thanks which he does for all his customers, you know you are buying something that not only performs beautifully and looks exceptional, but also has that element of something that little extra special as well. As if you had just invested in a little bit of future history such as a small painting painted by an artist that is painting that piece just for you.

Nicholas Hemingway is all about a sustainable future, he’s against mass production and the disposable culture and tries his very best to give back however he can. He truly thanks all of his customers whenever they order something from his website and this touch is really appreciated.

I have worked alongside Nicholas for 3 years now and can see the delight in his eyes as he creates his pencils and pens for his customers. He puts his soul into his creations and is grateful for the audience of customers that appreciate his efforts and good intention. .

Top 10 mechanical pencils Walnut


Above we have his beautiful and lightweight Walnut and Brass Mechanical Pencil. Honed from a solid piece of black walnut, this rich, warm wood combined with the traditional warm brass nib and button come together perfectly like no other mechanical pencil out there on the market. Especially when you think that this was hand-built entirely by Nicholas Hemingway himself, it’s hard to buy something that will mean so much not only in the time you purchase it, but the fact that it was not machined by anyone else but Nicholas means they are finite and you are investing in a very interesting drawing or writing tool that who knows what it could be worth one day in the future.

Top 10 mechanical pencils Ebony

Above is Nicholas Hemingway’s hand-built Ebony and Brass Mechanical Pencil. A slightly weightier mechanical pencil compared to the walnut and brass pencil, this beautifully polished reclaimed ebony hardwood pencil is gorgeous just to look at. With rich warm currents of wood grain colour running through it, it really is a thing of beauty even before you put it to paper. This is Nicholas Hemingway’s Ebony Mechanical Pencil with optional personalisation if you would like your initials engraved and then filled with gold resin. These make truly wonderful gifts to give an artist or architect.

Top 10 mechanical pencils Brass

This is Nicholas Hemingway’s Mark II Brass Mechanical Pencil. With a seamless nib to barrel design, this pencil exudes quality and finish. Weighing about 22grams this is a good weighty mechanical pencil as is preferred by many. Gorgeous.

Top 10 mechanical pencils Brass Pencil

Slightly slimmer in diameter than the Mark II the above pencil is Nicholas Hemingway’s Slimline Brass Mark III Mechanical Pencil. With the same seamless nib to barrel feature as the wider Mark II the Mark III is considerably lighter. An beautifully dainty object indeed.

Top 10 mechanical pencils Titanium

Nicholas Hemingway’s Titanium Mechanical Pencil is a modern work of beauty. Sleek and minimal, this pencil is the strong workhorse of his pencils. Beautiful dark grey in colour this pencils has to be in our top 10 mechanical pencil list.


Top 10 mechanical pencils Aluminium

Nicholas’ Aluminium Mechanical Pencil is one of the lightest pencils offered weighing only 12grams. This pencil is good for those who suffer from hand fatigue over long periods of pencil use. With a lovely brushed finish this is a pencil like the titanium above that can either come with a brass nib or steel nib.

Top 10 mechanical pencils Brass brass nib

This Brass Mechanical Pencil with Brass Nib is a favourite amongst Nicholas Hemingway’s hand-built pencil range. Simple and modern yet contrasted in a traditional metal, this brass pencil is one that will patina over the years through use making it unique to you.

Top 10 mechanical pencils Stainless Steel

This ultra modern Stainless Steel Mechanical Pencil is very similar in feel to the titanium version apart from it weighing slightly less and having a more silvery steel colour than the darker grey titanium mechanical pencils.

Top 10 mechanical pencils Carbon Fibre

If lightness is something that means a lot to you combined with an ultra modern look, then this Carbon Fibre Mechanical Pencil is a must. This is a high gloss finish carbon pencil, but also comes in a matte version (shown below). An incredibly modern mechanical pencil which again will alleviate hand fatigue during long periods of use. Very sharp indeed!

Top 10 mechanical pencils Carbon Fibre Matte

A Matte Carbon Fibre Mechanical Pencil is available to those who prefer a matte finish to a gloss finish Carbon Mechanical Pencil. A thing of beauty, very lightweight and the patterns in the carbon fibre are a great touch indeed.


These are the top 10 Mechanical Pencils hand-built by British born designer Nicholas Hemingway. I hope I have given you a sufficient little briefing on all the featured models and will leave it to you to decide which you prefer.


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