Luxury Brass Mechanical Pencils

We have re-launched our Luxury Brass Mechanical Pencil Mark II – Due to popular demand!


Nicholas Hemingway’s Mark II Brass Mechanical Pencil has been relaunched due to a large number of customers asking where it had gone?

We stopped a few models to make way for new model mechanical pencils and wanted to see how they were welcomed by our customers. We were shocked at how many emails we got asking where it had gone, when we had just introduced the Mark III and were awaiting feedback from that launch. We had to bring it back immediately as our customers obviously wanted the choice between the Mark II and the Mark III.

Luxury Brass Mechanical Pencils

The Mark II shown above is a weightier brass mechanical pencil than the Mark III pencil. The Mark II has a larger barrel diameter of 8mm whilst the slimline Mark III has a barrel diameter of 7mm. We wanted to launch a slimmer and lighter version of the luxury brass mechanical pencil for our customers who may use their pencils for very long sessions at a time and wanted to alleviate any hand fatigue that we know some of them suffer from. We often have customers requiring a light mechanical pencil and for that reason we have several alternatives to our luxury brass mechanical pencil range.

Luxury Brass Mechanical Pencil

For lighter pencils we offer our carbon fibre mechanical pencils which come in a matte finish of a gloss depending on your preference. If carbon fibre is not the look for you, then we have our luxury aluminium mechanical pencil which offers a very modern look in a lovely brushed aluminium finish and extremely lightweight in the hand.

We have many artists on Instagram using our pencils and love to showcase their work on our Instagram page. Follow us at @nicholashemingwaypens on Instagram to see our pencils being used by some great artists worldwide.


For those of you who don’t like the light mechanical pencils then we have stainless steel mechanical pencils or the titanium if you are looking for an ultra modern and semi-lightweight with the look of the weightier stainless steel version. We can also personalise the stainless steel and titanium versions for you if you are thinking of a gift to that special someone.

Personalised stainless steel mechanical pencils Personalized stainless steel mechanical pencils

All our luxury pencils are handmade by Nicholas Hemingway himself and come in a number of lead thicknesses. We offer them in 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm and 0.9mm lead thicknesses, so there is a pencil for you out there. We even offer a three piece luxury mechanical pencil set which comprises one stainless steel, one aluminium and one brass mechanical pencil in the set and these bought together cost less than they would if they were individually purchased.

Don’t forget that we have two wooden mechanical pencils available too. We have a beautiful walnut and brass mechanical pencil and also offer two versions of a reclaimed ebony hardwood and brass pencil too, all of which can be personalized with initials if so required.

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