Walnut and Brass Mechanical Pencil


Handmade Walnut and Brass Mechanical Pencil

Discover the Handmade Walnut and Brass Mechanical Pencil, crafted by Nicholas Hemingway. This luxurious pencil features a solid walnut wood body with brass accents, offering perfect balance and a timeless design. Ideal for artists, designers, and professionals, it provides a smooth lead advancement mechanism and a lightweight build to reduce hand fatigue. Available in various lead thicknesses, it makes an excellent gift for anyone who values high-quality, handcrafted tools.

As with all of our pens and pencils, this arrives in a beautiful gift box with black vegan leather case.

This walnut & brass mechanical pencil weighs 12grams.


Handmade Walnut and Brass Mechanical Pencil

Introducing the Handmade Walnut and Brass Mechanical Pencil, meticulously crafted by designer Nicholas Hemingway. If you’re searching for a luxurious mechanical pencil of a fine wood and brass elements, this is your go-to tool.

Elegant Design and Craftsmanship

Crafted from solid walnut wood and brass, this pencil offers perfect balance and a timeless look. Nicholas Hemingway’s design mantra, “Beauty Engineered Simply,” is evident in every piece. Say goodbye to disposable culture and hello to a pencil that’s built to last (and impress your friends).

Perfect for Creatives

Whether you’re an illustrator, engineer, artist, or graphic designer, this pencil is perfect for you. It’s also an ideal gift for students or anyone who loves high-quality drawing tools. Because who wouldn’t want to sketch with a pencil that’s practically a work of art itself?

A Commitment to Quality

Each pencil is handmade by Nicholas Hemingway himself, driven by a family heritage of quality and craftsmanship. Designed to perform at its best, this pencil allows you to unleash your creativity and achieve satisfaction in your projects.

Worldwide Shipping

We ship our pencils globally, with many happy customers around the world. Seriously, our pencils have more stamps on their passport than most people.

Key Features:

Experience the blend of elegance and functionality with the Handmade Walnut Mechanical Pencil. For more details, visit Nicholas Hemingway and elevate your creative journey.

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Lead Thickness

0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm, 0.9mm

6 reviews for Walnut and Brass Mechanical Pencil

  1. jc.76

    I’ve never called a pencil sexy before, but well…….this is. It feels fantastic, smooth to hold and with a really good weight. I’m getting lots of work done because I keep wanting to use the pencil. Highly recommended.

    • Nicholas Hemingway

      Really appreciate the comment John. Very kind words. Thank you.
      Best wishes
      Nicholas Hemingway

  2. hyowonriver (verified owner)

    I purchased this pencil last February, but unfortunately I lost it. Thus, I had to re-order the same item, which explains everything, I believe 🙂 For some reason, the barrel this time feels a little bit heavier and thicker than the previous one, but still nice enough. I love it!

  3. honorclareparkinson (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful work of art as well as a solid practical pencil, highly recommend investing in it. Obviously much care and love has gone into creating it, good quality build and at 9 grams it is just the weight I was looking for and has a lovely organic feel to it. I do believe it’s a pencil for a lifetime!

  4. Adam Moody (verified owner)

    Wow…what beautiful pencil. I just got mine and started drawing with it…amazing to the touch. I draw with anything and everything as well as paint and this, I believe, has satisfied all my graphite needs!

  5. abillamaraed

    Beautiful pencil. Perfect balance. Wood finish is great. The transition between the wood and brass tip is just perfect.

  6. alexanderstraub

    I love Hemingway Pencils, as an entrepreneur and engineer I got to know Nicholas Hemingway and I must say he is a very special outstanding fun individual and his products carry this integrity all along, the new pen series is particularly beautiful

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