2mm Ebony Clutch Pencil


Our 2mm Hand-built Ebony Clutch Pencil

Nicholas Hemingway’s 2mm handmade reclaimed ebony clutch pencil is now available to purchase. These ebony clutch pencils emanate beauty with their delightful natural wood grain and finish.

An ebony 2mm clutch pencil is perfect for drawing and sketching and our elegant design guarantees comfort in your hand with its tapered barrel design minimizing hand fatigue. We use reclaimed ebony for our ebony edition pencils and they are only available when we have the reclaimed wood stock available.

As with all of our pens and pencils, this arrives in a beautiful gift box with black vegan leather case.

The perfect gift to give.


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9 reviews for 2mm Ebony Clutch Pencil

  1. bigamethystring

    One of the finest things I’ve ever bought for myself. Warm in the hand, just heavy enough, and with the most comfortable, elegant shape, this ebony pencil has surpassed every other writing instrument on the desk. I sharpen the 2mm lead to a dangerous point and take the most beautiful notes with it.

    I’m an editor–I fiddle with the pencil while I’m talking to clients on Zoom, and I love looking at it on-camera because it’s so black and elegant.

    It makes me happy every time I reach for it.

  2. Rahul Kangude (verified owner)

    2 mm pencil is very well made … Wooden texture feels great to hold .. balance is very good .. weight is perfect to hold for long session … plus nicholas is very prompt is solving all queries …
    Must Buy for artists !!

  3. nigebrown2510 (verified owner)

    Sheer luxury and always a conversation starter. Impeccably made and a pleasure to hold. Plenty of weight and comfortable in the hand for extended periods. Need to order a walnut model as well…

  4. hifikeung (verified owner)

    Beautiful made, rock solid, feels good in the hand and nice weight

  5. Barrie Montgomery (verified owner)

    Fantastic. Looks great, feels great. Had it for about 10 minutes then ordered the wallnut one as well. I love it. Would highly recommend. If it had a lead pointer inside the cap it would be absolutely perfect.

  6. Amanda Williams (verified owner)

    I was surprised how difficult it was to find a leadholder that didn’t look and feel like a drafting pencil. The ebony clutch pencil is beautiful, as well as balanced, light and great to hold.

    • Nicholas Hemingway

      Thank you so much for your kind review Amanda!

  7. Kenny Wong (verified owner)

    Own 3 sets of these. Absolutely love them. I only draw with my clutch pencils. Feels so buttery and balanced in my hands when I’m drawing. Absolutely highly recommend to any of my artists friends.

  8. saptarshi_ray

    Wonderful gift for a good friend, with excellent and speedy engraving and delivery.

  9. Mark Winkelman (verified owner)

    After ordering the walnut 2mm pencil and seeing this one back in stock, I had to order it. Truly amazing weight and balance of these pencils. It’s nice having both with different grades of lead! One thing to note is since you can load the lead from the back of the pencil, it is 100% compatible with Mitsubishi Uni leads that have the small sleeve to prevent the leads from falling out of the clutch mechanism. Very clever Nicholas!!!

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