2mm Walnut Clutch Pencil


Our fabulous new hand-built 2mm Walnut Clutch Pencil

Nicholas Hemingway’s 2mm handmade walnut clutch pencil is now available to purchase. These clutch pencils emanate beauty with their delightful natural wood grain and finish.

A lightweight walnut 2mm clutch pencil is perfect for drawing and sketching and our elegant design guarantees comfort in your hand with its tapered barrel design minimizing hand fatigue.

As with all of our pens and pencils, this arrives in a beautiful gift box with black vegan leather case.

The perfect gift to give.

2 reviews for 2mm Walnut Clutch Pencil

  1. leodav

    I bought it for my wife’s gift. It was a very good anniversary gift. She likes Hemingway.

  2. mark-0638 (verified owner)

    Just a fantastic instrument to draw with. The balance and weight is perfect. The wood feels really nice in the hand. I’ve got a couple grades of graphite I swap in. Now I really wish the ebony 2mm was in stock so I could have a 2nd. Beautiful job Nicholas!!!!

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