Titanium Mechanical Pencil – Personalised


Handmade Titanium Mechanical Pencil + Your name or initials engraved.

All mechanical pencils here are handmade by designer Nicholas Hemingway.

This is our beautiful new Titanium Mechanical Pencil also known as a propelling pencil in the UK. These make a fantastic gift for anyone creative who likes sketching or writing with a pencil. Now available in varying lead sizes 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm & 0.9mm! A pencil to suit your very own drawing style!
These pencils have been handmade and designed by Nicholas Hemingway to be the best mechanical pencils for drawing & the best mechanical pencils for writing too. Beauty Engineered Simply.

When ordering, please give your name or initials you require engraved in the comment section of the checkout spelt exactly how you would like it to be seen on the pencil.

This is our beautiful new Titanium version of the pencil. Makes a fantastic gift for anyone. Now available in varying lead sizes! A pencil to suit your very own drawing style!

Comes in a beautiful gift box with black vegan leather case.

This titanium mechanical pencil only weighs 16.4grams.


Forget the disposable culture, value your design tools and enjoy the lifelong companionship of a custom-made mechanical alloy pencil.

We have created these handmade mechanical pencils to be perfectly balanced out of solid Titanium. They are rugged and hard wearing while elegant and pure aesthetically with a purpose that if you purchase one, it will become your everlasting companion in design. Providing that you feed it lead when it is hungry, don’t give it regular baths (it doesn’t like baths) it will be as loyal to you as you are to it throughout your design career.

We have lots of happy customers worldwide. Illustrators, Engineers, Artists, Graphic Designers and Architects to design students, fashion students and people who are looking for that perfect gift for a friend or colleague.

Lead Thickness

0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm, 0.9mm

2 reviews for Titanium Mechanical Pencil – Personalised

  1. signydora (verified owner)

    Thank you for your beautiful creation Nicholas!
    Gave my husband this personaliced mechanical pencil and he loves it. Comfortable design and smooth effortless writing and drawing. The perfect gift for the minimalist.

  2. fynnyfynnster (verified owner)

    My titanium Nicholas Hemingway pencil is the favourite of my mechanical pencil collection. It’s an absolute joy to write with, exudes quality, and I admire its simplicity. I use (and love it) every day. Thank you Nicholas.

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