5.6mm Ebony Clutch Pencil


5.6mm Ebony Clutch Pencil

This is a heavy weight sketch pencil that feels great to hold. A very tactile piece of design that you won’t want to stop sketching with. This luxurious clutch pencil features the rich, dark tones of ebony wood, paired with a precision-engineered clutch mechanism for smooth and reliable lead advancement. Designed for artists and creative professionals alike, it offers a comfortable wide, sturdy grip and well-balanced weight, perfect for bold and expressive sketching. Each pencil is handmade from reclaimed ebony, showcasing Hemingway’s dedication to quality and artistry. Both functional and beautiful, it makes an ideal gift for any sketching enthusiast.

Comes in a beautiful gift box with black vegan leather case.

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5.6mm Ebony Clutch Pencil

Introducing the 5.6mm Ebony Clutch Pencil, an exquisite writing instrument meticulously crafted by Nicholas Hemingway. Designed for artists, designers, and creative professionals, this luxury mechanical pencil embodies both functionality and elegance. Renowned for its superior craftsmanship, this pencil is a must-have for those who appreciate high-quality tools and the natural beauty of exotic wood.

The Qualities of Ebony Wood

Ebony wood is celebrated for its deep, rich black tones and fine grain. This makes each pencil a unique masterpiece. Its natural density and hardness ensure exceptional durability. Consequently, it provides a long-lasting writing tool that maintains its sophisticated appearance over time. Moreover, ebony’s smooth texture and subtle sheen add a touch of luxury to any workspace. This wood is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly resilient, making it an ideal choice for a premium clutch pencil.

Innovative Clutch Mechanism

The precision-engineered clutch mechanism of the 5.6mm Ebony Clutch Pencil allows for smooth lead advancement and secure lead retention. This innovative design ensures that the lead remains stable during use. Therefore, it provides a consistent and enjoyable drawing or sketching experience. Whether you are creating bold sketches or working on detailed artistic expressions, the Ebony Pencil offers exceptional performance.

Ergonomic Design

Designed with ergonomics in mind, the 5.6mm Ebony Clutch Pencil features a comfortable grip that reduces hand fatigue. This makes it ideal for extended use. The balanced weight distribution ensures that the pencil feels substantial yet comfortable in your hand. Consequently, it allows for precise control and effortless movement.

Versatile Artistic Tool for Bold Sketching

The 5.6mm lead of the Ebony Clutch Pencil is perfect for a variety of artistic applications. It allows artists to sketch freely and expressively. This wide lead is ideal for creating bold, sweeping lines and detailed shading. Therefore, it is an essential tool for artists who enjoy sketching with a broad stroke. The versatility of this pencil enables creative professionals to capture their artistic vision with ease. Whether they are working on detailed drawings or loose, expressive sketches, it is the perfect choice for those searching for “wide lead mechanical pencils” and “best pencils for sketching.”

Handmade Excellence and Heritage

Each 5.6mm Ebony Clutch Pencil is handmade from reclaimed ebony hardwood by Nicholas Hemingway himself. Following a very successful Kickstarter campaign, this heavy-weight sketch pencil feels great to hold with its wide grip, making it a very tactile piece of design that you won’t want to stop sketching with. Nicholas Hemingway’s family writing, design, and engineering heritage has always driven his passion for quality and craftsmanship. This dedication is evident in every pencil. Therefore, each pencil reflects his belief in creating lifelong design tools that offer both utility and beauty.

Elegant Presentation

Each 5.6mm Ebony Clutch Pencil comes beautifully packaged in a gift box. This makes it an excellent choice for a thoughtful and impressive gift. The elegant presentation reflects the quality and sophistication of the pencil itself. Thus, it ensures that it will be cherished by its recipient.

Commitment to Excellence

Nicholas Hemingway takes immense pride in every pencil he creates. He focuses on attention to detail and superior craftsmanship. This commitment to excellence is evident in the meticulous design and flawless execution of each 5.6mm Ebony Clutch Pencil. As a result, Nicholas Hemingway’s brand is celebrated for its dedication to producing writing instruments that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Global Reach and Satisfaction

We offer worldwide shipping. This allows customers around the globe to experience the exceptional quality of Nicholas Hemingway’s designs. Join our community of satisfied customers who appreciate the blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation. Furthermore, our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that your experience with us is as exceptional as the products we create.

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5 reviews for 5.6mm Ebony Clutch Pencil

  1. richard.delhoume (verified owner)

    Great quality ! Great design ! Simply beautiful !

  2. leodav

    He is a graffiti artist who draws pictures. This pencil is very easy to draw and is suitable for making various lines and faces.

  3. DrNancyT

    I purchased the ebony clutch mechanical pencil for my teenage granddaughter. She told me it is so classy, and the ebony is smooth and easy to grip. My granddaughter is artistic and interested in all levels of drawing and designing—the pencil was the perfect gift. Also, a bookworm, she was delighted about the Hemingway connection. I live in the United States, and the pencil arrived promptly and in perfect shape!

    Dr. Nancy Thaler


  4. catherine.defirmas

    I backed 2 of these pencils through Kickstarter, and they are really beautiful, balanced (it’s a pleasure to hold them in hand), & the fluidity of the writing is fantastic ! Thank you Nicholas.

  5. Matthew Ragen (verified owner)

    Great hand feel and well-balanced for a drawing pencil. The 5.6mm lead offers so much flexibility for drawing. And, as a side benefit – it’s absolutely gorgeous. Only a small handful of people are lucky enough to own a pencil with this quality!

    • Nicholas Hemingway

      Thank you so much for saying so Matthew. We are very lucky to have customers such as yourself. Thank you again.

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