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The Best Mechanical Pencil

The Best Mechanical Pencil: Why Nicholas Hemingway’s Pencils Stand Out Craftsmanship You Can Trust At Nicholas Hemingway, we handcraft each mechanical pencil with precision and care. We use high-quality materials like brass, aluminum, and titanium to ensure durability and a luxurious feel. Our pencils are perfect for anyone who loves to draw, design, or write […]

Personalised Mechanical Pencils

Personalised Mechanical Pencils

Hand-Built Mechanical Pencils and Pens for Artists

Hand-Built Mechanical Pencils and Pens for Artists 2

What to Gift Someone Who Loves Drawing: Hand-Built Mechanical Pencils and Pens for Artists Searching for the perfect gift for someone who loves to draw? A high-quality pen or mechanical pencil can be a thoughtful and practical choice. Let’s explore why hand-built mechanical pencils and pens are ideal for artists.

Mechanical Pencils vs. Wooden Pencils: Pros and Cons

Mechanical Pencils vs. Wooden Pencils: Pros and Cons Picking between mechanical pencils vs wooden pencils isn’t as simple as it sounds. Each has its own perks, kind of like choosing between old friends. Let’s dive into what makes each one tick, so you can decide which fits your style best. I’ll also mention our Nicholas […]

Propelling Pencils vs. Mechanical Pencils

Handmade Pens and-Mechanical Pencils

Propelling Pencils vs. Mechanical Pencils: Decoding the Distinctions When it comes to writing instruments, the terms “propelling pencil” and “mechanical pencil” often get tossed around as if they’re the same thing. Both types of pencils have a mechanism that advances the lead as it wears down, so you never need to sharpen them. They’re super […]

Our Top 10 Mechanical Pencils

Here is our list of top 10 mechanical pencils and why our customers choose Nicholas Hemingway again and again… This is my list of his Top 10 mechanical pencils by British born designer of the famous Hemingway family, Nicholas Hemingway took a slightly different path to that of a literary career and pursued architecture and […]

Luxury Stainless Steel Mechanical Pencils

British born designer Nicholas Hemingway designs and builds luxury stainless steel mechanical pencils One of our most popular mechanical pencils has to be our stainless steel mechanical pencil which comes in a choice of brass or chrome nibs to finish. Very popular among those artists and architects who prefer a weightier pencil and enjoy a […]