Personalised Mechanical Pencils

Did you know that we offer personalised mechanical pencils?

We try our very best to make sure our luxury handmade mechanical pencils are finished to the highest standard when you receive them. To top it off, we have decided to offer a mechanical pencil personalisation service on some of our models.

Below is our hand-built stainless steel mechanical pencil which can be engraved in the form of laser-etching with your very own initials or the initials of a friend you wish to gift it to.

Our personalised hand-built mechanical pencils truly make the perfect gift idea…

Our ebony, walnut, stainless steel and titanium mechanical pencils can be engraved or etched with your initials or your full name depending on your preference. The ebony and walnut pencils are laser engraved, this is when the laser physically removes material.

The stainless steel and titanium pencils can be laser etched, this is a process where the pencil is coated with an enamel-like compound which when struck by a laser it bonds directly to the surface of the steel or titanium creating a very tough layer in the form of the design or initials required. The etching will remain on the pencil for the entire life of the pencil as the etching cannot be removed purely through normal wear.

Personalised Ebony Mechanical Pencil
Titanium Mechanical Pencil Personalisation

Dispatched to you beautifully personalised and polished…

After the ebony or walnut mechanical pencils have been laser engraved, we fill the void created by the laser with a gold resin and re-polish the pencil once more before dispatch. We don’t always have to fill the engravings with gold resin as you can just have the engraved wood on its own which looks great as well.

MEchanical Pencils personalised, polished and gift boxed…

Above is a stainless steel mechanical pencil etched using the aforementioned process. If you would like to have something unusual etched onto one of our pencils then please don’t hesitate to get in touch to see if we can do it. Please feel free to get in touch with us regarding any questions you have, our email address can be found via the contact page.

We find so many customers want to give our pencils as gifts to someone special and it makes the gift that little more meaningful and tailored.

We have found that customers generally prefer to initial rather than engrave or etch their full name on any of our personalised mechanical pencils, less is more in this instance and an initialled gift is a little more traditional, but as I said, we can write whatever you would like on your pencil.

Instead, how about one of our pensonalised pens…

Imagine what a lovely gift it would make to have a beautiful handmade mechanical pencil personalised especially for that special someone. We have had many architecture practices use us to gift their clients and they nearly always use our personalisation service for that little extra touch. Our personalised mechanical pencils are widely bought for artists and architects all over the world as gifts and we are so pleased how happy the recipients are with the results.

We also can offer our Writer and Traveller Pens to be personalised too. Our pens already have our Nicholas Hemingway signature on them, but we can also add an initial if someone should wish. We don’t openly advertise this, but we can always accommodate should someone ask.

Our Writer Pen Personalised

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