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Propelling Pencils vs. Mechanical Pencils

Handmade Pens and-Mechanical Pencils

Propelling Pencils vs. Mechanical Pencils: Decoding the Distinctions When it comes to writing instruments, the terms “propelling pencil” and “mechanical pencil” often get tossed around as if they’re the same thing. Both types of pencils have a mechanism that advances the lead as it wears down, so you never need to sharpen them. They’re super […]

Engineering Pencils

Engineering Pencils

Engineering Pencils are also Known as Engineer’s Pencils or Mechanical Pencils… We’re glad you’re here to learn more about engineering pencils, the indispensable tools for accurate work in technical and engineering fields. The demands of precise and detailed drawing, drafting, and sketching are specifically met by engineering pencils, also referred to as an engineers pencils […]

Luxury Mechanical Pencils for Drawing

One of our best luxury mechanical pencils for drawing has to be our Mark II Brass Mechanical Pencil, which has been newly re-launched due to high demand from existing customers.   Comprising of a solid brass body and a weight of around 22grams, customers have for a while now been asking “Where did it go?” […]

Norman Foster uses our pencils

Norman Foster has become a customer of Nicholas Hemingway’s Handmade Mechanical Pencils! I was recently blown away when an order came through our website from the world famous architect Lord Norman Foster. Having been to university and studied architecture myself I was always an admirer of his works and had no idea that one day he […]