Luxury Mechanical Pencils for Drawing

Last Updated on May 19, 2023 by Matt Hawthorne

Hemingway Brass Mechanical PencilHemingway Brass Mechanical Pencil

One of our best luxury mechanical pencils for drawing has to be our Mark II Brass Mechanical Pencil, which has been newly re-launched due to high demand from existing customers.


Comprising of a solid brass body and a weight of around 22grams, customers have for a while now been asking “Where did it go?” Well, we did stop making it for a while as we wanted to concentrate on new models, but we have given in to demand and have relaunched it!


Although all our mechanical pencils are designed for drawing, If you’re looking for a weighty solid brass mechanical pencil for drawing with then this a good choice. We do have a slimmer Mark III mechanical pencil, but if it’s weight you’re after then the Mark II is the best luxury mechanical pencil for drawing for you.


Walnut and brass mechanical pencilWalnut and brass mechanical pencil

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a lightweight luxury mechanical pencil for drawing with, then this very beautiful and lightweight Walnut and Brass Mechanical Pencil could be for you.


Handmade from walnut and brass, polished and protected with beeswax and polished again, these natural and more traditional looking mechanical pencils could be a good choice for you. Using a lightweight mechanical pencil over a heavier pencil can reduce hand fatigue over time during long periods of use. Some artists love a good a heavy pencil to create with, while others do seem to prefer the light pencils if they are working on art pieces or architectural drawings for many hours at a time. Once again, it’s purely down to personal preference of a pencil.



Slimline brass mechanical pencilSlimline brass mechanical pencil

This is our Mark III Slimline Brass Mechanical Pencil. As mentioned above briefly, this is the 7mm diameter grip brass mechanical pencil we make. The aforementioned Mark II has a grip diameter of 8mm, so is significantly heavier than this Mark III slimline version. If you are wanting the brass but not quite wanting the weight of the Mark II, then this lightweight version could be for you.


Its lightweight construction is ideal for those artists or architects wanting to draw with their mechanical pencil for hours on end without fear of hand fatigue from their drawings.

The Mark III has a beautiful luxury pencil quality to it as do all of our pencils, but if you are torn between deciding on the weight of the pencil you wish to use, then I hope this has helped somewhat. You needn’t discount the brass entirely because of weight.


Ebony & Brass Mechanical PencilEbony Mechanical Pencil

Another contender for a drawing favourite of ours is the Reclaimed Ebony and Brass Mechanical Pencil. Again hand-built to order, this beautiful natural and warm feeling wooden pencil is more a medium weighted pencil. It is slightly wider when it comes to grip measurement measuring 9mm in diameter. The slightly wider barrel is well suited to those who may suffer from hand fatigue regularly or for those who physically find it uncomfortable to hold a narrow barrel for extended use as we have found so many do.


This mechanical pencil is honed from solid ebony and polished with beeswax several times to bring out the beautiful grain of the wood. Very strong yet very elegant and useable this is another favourite of our customers.


Conclusion: It’s a matter of a number of elements that make up the perfect drawing mechanical pencil and everyone’s taste or preference is different. All we try to do is create beautiful options for people to choose from and you decide the rest


Best wishes

Nicholas Hemingway

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