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How to Choose the Perfect Pen for Every Occasion

How to Choose the Perfect Pen

How to Choose the Perfect Pen for Every Occasion Knowing how to choose the perfect pen can feel a bit confusing, but it’s pretty simple once you know what to look for. Whether you’re scribbling notes, journaling your thoughts, or signing important papers, there’s a pen that’s just right for the job. Let’s figure out […]

Mechanical Pencil Lead Sizes – A Comprehensive Guide

Mechanical pencil lead sizes are important and can be a little confusing to some. While I work with pencils everyday and sketch all the time, I have never written a comprehensive guide to mechanical pencil lead sizes. There are many people out there who may only stick to only a couple of lead types, so […]

Pencil Lead Art

Hemingway Stainless Steel Mechanical Pencils

Pencil Lead Art on Instagram Mechanical pencils and automatic pencils are favoured by certain artists on Instagram. When it comes to detail, a mechanical pencil or propelling pencil as they are sometimes called is a great way to ensure constant line thickness when sketching. The beauty of a propelling pencil is that it never needs […]

Cool Mechanical Pencils are Handmade!

Best Mechanical Pencil

Very cool mechanical pencils handmade here at Hemiwear. All our metal mechanical pencils are handmade by Nicholas Hemingway in the true handcrafted Hemingway style. A cool mechanical pencil has to have a story, and the story behind Hemiwear and why Nicholas Hemingway designed the Everlasting Mechanical Pencil has been met with heartfelt warmth from customers […]

The Best Mechanical Pencil

Brass Mechanical Pencil

The Best Mechanical Pencils For Drawing & Writing Hemingway supposedly used to use a Palomino pencil if you were curious enough to want to know. Who would want to know this? Who cares. Nicholas Hemingway a relative of Ernest does not use a Palomino pencil. Nor is Nicholas Hemingway a great writer like Ernest, but […]