Cool Mechanical Pencils are Handmade!

Best Mechanical Pencil

Very cool mechanical pencils handmade here at Hemiwear.

All our metal mechanical pencils are handmade by Nicholas Hemingway in the true handcrafted Hemingway style.

A cool mechanical pencil has to have a story, and the story behind Hemiwear and why Nicholas Hemingway designed the Everlasting Mechanical Pencil has been met with heartfelt warmth from customers and retailers alike.

Nicholas Hemingway wanted to design the perfect pencil in honour of his Grandfather and set out to achieve just that. The perfect pencil should be a technical mechanical pencil with absolute ease of use and sleek in form, after all if it is to be the best mechanical pencil then it has to look the best mechanical pencil. In terms of price it could be considered an expensive mechanical pencil, but if it is something you are going to use everyday over other pencils then why should this matter. This pencil is handmade and a handmade metal mechanical pencil that you can use for your entire life has to have some value, right?

To be the perfect mechanical pencil we need to take cost out of this equation. The perfect pencil whether a mechanical pencil or not should do nothing more and nothing less than it is required to do. It doesn’t have to double as a bottle opener to be better than another pencil, it just has to do what it does to the best of its ability.

Many metal mechanical pencils are over-designed or contoured in a way that allows them to appear to be more desirable aesthetically, and that’s all. Over-designed grips and material mixtures are incorporated to make it look like the most futuristic and desirable pencil you could ever hope to own, but in fact, the more simply you design the pencil, the better it is at doing just what it is you expect a pencil to do. Simplicity is key…and this makes it considered more of a tool than a consumer object. other expensive mechanical pencils are more often than not – over-designed unnecessarily and this does not make a pencil the perfect pencil.

The Perfect Mechanical Pencil

Our Hemiwear Everlasting Mechanical Pencil is – compared to others – a fairly expensive mechanical pencil, but consider what else you could buy for the same price, was it handmade by the designer who designed it? Probably not. Well, this one was. Check out our range of handmade mechanical pencils

Hemiwear - Cool Mechanical Pencils
Hemiwear – Cool Mechanical Pencils

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