Propelling Pencils Handmade By Hemingway

Hemingway Propelling Pencils

Last Updated on June 29, 2021 by Matt Hawthorne

Propelling pencils handmade by designer Nicholas Hemingway.

The most beautifully stark and simple pieces of mechanical pencil design honed from solid metal, crafted and polished from scratch by the designer himself.

These pencils are exquisite propelling pencils designed to be the best mechanical pencils for writing with. Nicholas Hemingway has designed them to feel like writing tools in the truest sense.

Handmade propelling pencils in varying weights to suit your style

Honed from solid metal pieces, these pencils are hand crafted to be the best propelling pencils for writing with, but not only writing. Nicholas designed them in varying weights to suit your very own style of drawing with the aim to be the best mechanical pencils for drawing with too.

Hemiwear are proud to bring this product to market for designers and draftsmen and women alike to enjoy the true quality and beauty of a handmade drawing and writing tool.

Nicholas designed these propelling pencils in honour of his grandfather. Every pencil is handmade on his grandfather’s old Myford ML10 lathe which he inherited shortly after his grandfather passed away. It felt only right that Nicholas Hemingway’s first product should be made on it in honour.

Kickstarter got us where we are today

Nicholas Hemingway’s Kickstarter launch of his first product went very well and thanks to all the first customers involved in it, he was able to start Hemiwear.

Nicholas Hemingway will soon be expanding their range so keep an eye out!

Hemiwear - Cool Mechanical Pencils
Nicholas Hemingway – Cool Mechanical Pencils

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