Best Mechanical Pencil To Buy

Best Mechanical Pencil

Our Best Mechanical Pencils So Far…

You will be hard pushed to find the best mechanical pencil ever…as this is individual opinion dependent on an individual’s specific wants and desires.

So what makes a mechanical pencil the best mechanical pencil of them all?

Our Everlasting Mechanical pencils are handmade from solid premium quality and space grade metals. We have to assume that a pencil has to have an inherent quality to it that meets most people’s specific needs and performs to the best of those needs. The best mechanical pencil I have ever owned is one of my own designed mechanical pencil…and not surprisingly this is the titanium mechanical pencil we now sell through this store.

Why is it my personal best mechanical pencil?

Because I MADE IT! it does everything that the best mechanical pencil in my opinion should do! It’s as simple as that! I wanted it to be the very way it is. I wanted it to have the balance that it has. I wanted it to have the ruggedness it has but with a build size that keeps it remaining as simple aesthetically as possible. one of the main goals was to create the simplest styled premium metal mechanical pencil with the most streamlined profile I could.

Another aspect I knew that would make it the best mechanical pencil was its ease of use and comfort when drawing and spinning the pencil in the fingers…this drawing and spinning technique ensures that the edge of the lead is always sharp and constant from line to line. This is all technique when you use your favourite mechanical pencil…the twisting motion in between my fingers may be more personal to my own use of a propelling pencil, and indeed there may be users out there who do not even use the twisting between the fingers technique…or even know about it.

What makes these propelling pencils the best mechanical pencils is the fact that they are handmade with passion.

Ultimately, you can rest assure that if you choose to adopt one of these beautiful mechanical pencils, whether it be made of brass, aluminium, stainless steel or titanium, you will know that it has been made for you…for wanting to become a part of this new stationery company.

I thank everyone personally for purchasing one of our pencils. If you are contemplating buying one for yourself or as a great present for a friend or family member then please remember it will be made especially for you. I cant wait to start making your’s.

Nicholas Hemingway

Best Mechanical Pencils
Best Mechanical Pencils

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