Cool Mechanical Pencils Handmade By Hemingway.

Hemingway Brass Brass Mechanical Pencil

Who wouldn’t want a cool mechanical pencil like this as a gift?

Nicholas Hemingway prides himself on beautiful quality designed products. Handmade brass mechanical pencils as well as steel, titanium and aluminium mechanical pencils are a delightful gift for anyone to receive.

Slimline brass mechanical pencil

A brass mechanical pencil for your desk is an object to cherish and with its tactile finish it is something you will not only enjoy to write with, but enjoy just to hold at any time.

Nicholas Hemingway has been producing these cool mechanical pencils since 2015. He ensures that every single one is finished in the finest way before packaging the pencils himself and sending to customers. Each handmade mechanical pencil is made to order so you know that his ultimate care and attention has gone in to its production.

Nicholas himself a distant relative of Ernest Hemingway…he would like to think that Ernest would perhaps have loved the whole concept behind its design and become a full supporter and have written with one of these pencils.

Ebony & Brass Mechanical Pencil

If you are a lover of stationery and especially a lover of mechanical pencils then allow Nicholas Hemingway to hand-make you a wonderful pencil you or you will enjoy using for years to come.

Nicholas Hemingway’s ethos is clear through his designs. Beauty engineered simply is his company’s slogan. His pencils are to be thought of as tools not disposable items that can simply be replaced if lost. He encourages a Victorian time ethos that the world’s engineers used to prescribe to which was that a tool should do precisely what it was designed to do, nothing more and nothing less. Engineers of this time carefully looked after their drafting equipment throughout their careers and would think of the humble pencil as one of their most important tools.

Stainless Steel Mechanical Pencil
Nicholas Hemingway’s handmade mechanical pencils follow this ethos as his very own forefathers being engineers themselves lived by. Look after these pencils and they will wholeheartedly become your closest design companion.

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