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The sleekest Handmade Mechanical Drafting Pencils Yet…

We have designed the ultimate handmade mechanical drafting pencils for draftsmen, architects, engineers and designers alike.

I designed this mechanical pencil with one thing in mind. It had to be the best propelling pencil I would want to ever own and use daily. It had to be as sleek a design as possible so that it lived up to the test of time design-wise and become a timeless piece of tooling for your tool box or pencil case.

Best Mechanical Pencil
Best Mechanical Pencil

Many propelling pencils or mechanical pencils (both the same thing) are over designed – many of them in nasty plastics made cheaply and designed to be more or less disposable. Hemiwear propelling Pencils are handmade by myself Nicholas Hemingway Creative Director of Hemiwear to last forever and every single one is made to order FOR YOU.

Each propelling pencil comes in a number of variations for example you can order a brass propelling pencil, an aluminium mechanical pencil, a stainless steel mechanical pencil, a titanium mechanical pencil or a solid sterling silver mechanical pencil. Now, all of the ses various mechanical pencils can also come with the option of a brass nib or a stainless steel nib on the mechanical pencils mentioned above so you can decide what you want yours to look like i.e a brass mechanical pencil with a brass nib or a brass mechanical pencil with a steel nib. The same is also true with an aluminium mechanical pencil, you can have an aluminium mechanical pencil with a brass nib or with a steel nib… whichever variation you prefer you can order it from our website and myself Nicholas Hemingway will make it by hand for you.

Hemingway Brass Mechanical Pencils
Best Mechanical Pencil For Drawing

Especially nice right now is our Titanium Mechanical Pencil which we launched not long ago…

Our handmade titanium mechanical pencil is slightly lighter than our stainless steel version and has a remarkable quality about it…it is a slightly darker colour than our stainless steel version and lighter too than our handmade brass mechanical pencil. A truly tactile piece of pencil design.

We hope you appreciate our handmade mechanical drafting pencils. They make a wonderful gift for an engineer, architect or anyone related to design. It’s an easy gift to give anyone…

For our complete range of drafting pencils visit our online shop now.

Nicholas Hemingway.

Hemiwear - Cool Mechanical Pencils
Hemiwear – Cool Mechanical Pencils

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