The Handmade Writer Pen – A Pen for Writers

Handmade Writer Pen

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The Handmade Writer Pen – A Pen for Writers

Our handmade Writer Pen is a dream come true for writers, engineers, and architects. Designed with precision and crafted from high-quality stainless steel and aluminium, this pen by Nicholas Hemingway could be just what you need.

Nicholas Hemingway takes great pride in his flagship product, The Writer Pen. Meticulously handcrafted, it’s designed to be treasured in daily work activities. The Writer Pen features perfect finishes and precision hand-turned parts, creating a truly architectural pen. It’s a statement piece that’s not only beautiful but functional too. Its tactile design is comforting to hold, making it a pleasure to write with.

Smooth and Innovative Design

The Writer Pen has a unique open/close mechanism with double integrated O-rings, using the natural oils from your hands to lubricate the system for a smooth action. It’s built to last and looks incredibly elegant.

Limited Editions

The Writer Pen comes in two limited edition versions: ebony and zebrawood. Each pen is honed from a single piece of the finest stainless steel, hand-turned, milled, and polished to perfection. It fits snugly into its aerospace-grade aluminium case, which features a brush finish and an ebony nib protector for added elegance.

The Writer Pen comes in two limited edition versions as well. This is the ebony cased version and below is the zebrawood cased edition.

Sustainable Craftsmanship

We’re proud of our commitment to sustainability. Our limited edition Writer Pens use reclaimed ebony, sourced ethically and sustainably. We recycle all our waste metal and use recycled packaging wherever possible. Even the bubble wrap we use is reused from what’s sent to us.

The Handmade Writer Pen is Designed for Everyday Use

The Writer Pen is built around the widely used Pilot G2 ink cartridge, chosen for its reliability and ease of replacement. It comes with a 0.7mm black Pilot G2 ink cartridge and is designed never to leak, always ready for use even after long periods in its case.

Our Journey

We first launched on Kickstarter in 2019, and since then, the Writer Pen has gone far beyond our initial project. We’ve sold hundreds and continue to support our flagship product, which we believe will become a collector’s item in the future.

Discover the Writer Pen at and experience the perfect blend of design and function in your writing journey.

The Original Writer Pen
Handmade Pen Ebony Edition
Hand-built Pen Zebrawood Edition
The Writer Pen - Limited Editions
The Hemingway Writer Pen in Ebony

A Conscientious Maker…

Our Limited Edition Writer Pens are truly special. We use reclaimed ebony and other ethically sourced, sustainable woods. We make sure every step is eco-friendly. All the waste metal from crafting the pens, known as swarf, gets recycled. We also use recycled packaging as much as possible. If we need to use plastic, like bubble wrap, we only use what has been sent to us, giving it a second life. Most of our packaging is recycled cardboard. We always strive to be as conscientious as possible.

The Hand-Built Pen - A Hemingway Pen

Beautiful timeless design and a mixture of ebony wood, stainless steel and aluminium.

The Hand-Built Pen By Nicholas Hemingway

The zebrawood edition is equally as appealing but for those who love a warmer wood and metal mix in a pen.

A Writer Pen By Nicholas Hemingway
Pilot G2 Ink Writer Pen
Nicholas Hemingway's Writer Pen

A hand-built Pen is a treasure to own and perfect for writing and design sketching.

Owning a hand-built pen feels like having a piece of art in your hands. It’s ideal for writing and sketching. We crafted The Writer Pen around the popular Pilot G2 Ink cartridge, beloved by designers and creatives everywhere. We wanted to create the perfect pen around a dependable cartridge, and we nailed it!

This pen comes with a 0.7mm black Pilot G2 ink cartridge, making it super easy to replace. It never leaks and is always ready to go, even after sitting in its case for a while.

Our adventure started on Kickstarter in 2019, and it was such a hit that we wanted to expand beyond that platform. We’ve sold hundreds since then and plan to keep our flagship product going strong. This was Nicholas Hemingway’s first pen, and many believe it will become a collector’s item someday.

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