Best Mechanical Pencils

Our Best Mechanical Pencils So Far…

You will be hard pushed to find the best mechanical pencils ever…as this is individual opinion dependent on an individual’s specific wants and desires.

So what makes our mechanical pencils the best of them all?

Our Mechanical pencils are handmade from solid premium quality and space grade metals and beautiful woods too. We have to assume that a pencil has to have qualities that will vary between people’s specific needs and perform to the best of those needs.


Let’s start with a Walnut and Brass Mechanical Pencil – Is it for you?


Best mechanical pencils - Walnut and Brass

Lightweight with a gorgeous fine walnut grain and matched with a warm brass nib is our beautiful traditional wooden pencil. It’s for those who may prefer the more natural and less modern looking mechanical pencil. Perhaps this pencil would appeal more to someone who works directly with wood like a carpenter or furniture designer. The thing is that trying to find the best mechanical pencil for drawing or writing is completely subjective. Here we will let you decide by seeing all of our pencils which will become your favourite or best mechanical pencil.

Do you think the best mechanical pencils should be made of wood or metal?

Another one of our wooden mechanical pencils in our range is made from reclaimed ebony hardwood with brass nib. It is a slightly heavier wooden pencil, but has a far tighter grain than the walnut and brass version and polishes up beautifully when we apply beeswax to the final polish.

Best mechanical pencils - Ebony and Brass

A solid feeling mechanical pencil in the hand with a 9mm diameter barrel to ease hand fatigue over long periods of use. Warm to the touch, this wooden mechanical pencil is one of our best mechanical pencils if you are a fan of natural polished wood finishes. This pencil has great detail and colour in the grain and is truly a gorgeous pencil. We also offer these as personalised mechanical pencils too.

Best mechanical pencils - Personalised Pencil


Or would your best mechanical pencil be a metal mechanical pencil?

Our range of metal mechanical pencils come in a variety of metals and nib finishes too. We make pencils out of brass, aluminium, titanium and stainless steel.

Mechanical Pencils in Brass


Our Mark II Brass Mechanical Pencil is one of our best sellers, it has a barrel diameter of 8mm. Everyone seems to adore a brass mechanical pencil and who can blame them.  With a mix of modern design with a traditional materials what is not to like? Sumptuous seamless nib to barrel integration and a good weighty pencil to sketch or write with. A favourite amongst many of our customers.

Brass mechanical pencil





Our Mark III is our slimline brass mechanical pencil with a smaller barrel diameter of 7mm and this brings it weight down considerably.

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