Metal Mechanical Pencils

Beautiful handmade metal mechanical pencils designed and built by British designer Nicholas Hemingway himself

Ever thought of investing in a beautifully hand-built metal mechanical pencil perhaps made form titanium, stainless steel, aluminium or perhaps even brass? Well, we pride ourselves on good design and great quality mechanical pencils. All our pencils are designed and handmade by Nicholas Hemingway himself and his story of how he got into designing mechanical pencils and pens is a lovely one.

Nicholas’ grandfather had his own workshop in Chelsea, London after he retired and was always making and repairing things while Nicholas as a young boy looked on admiringly at the creativity of his grandfather. Far too young at the time to be allowed on the lathe that his grandfather owned, he could only wish that one day he too may be skilled enough to make something on such a scary and dangerous looking machine whilst only aged 6 years old at the time that was to seem a distant thought.

Later in life Nicholas was to study architecture at university and sadly when his grandfather passed away, he inherited his grandfather’s lathe and soon began trying to build a small business in his grandfather’s honour and produce a product on the very machine he used to watch his grandfather over the years play around with in his workshop. His idea was to hand-build beautiful metal mechanical pencils and build a reputation for quality while loving the thought that his creations would go on to help others create works of art for themselves.

Nicholas Hemingway’s mechanical pencils and pens are now bought all over the world and some of the world’s most famous architects and artists use his pencils today.


metal mechanical pencils

His Mark II brass mechanical pencil is a super elegant model pencil with seamless nib and body design and a good heavy weight for a mechanical sketching pencil, whereas his Mark III slimline brass mechanical pencil is a more slender design and a more lightweight choice.

metal mechanical pencil

This Mark III metal mechanical pencil has a barrel diameter of 7mm while the larger Mark II has a barrel diameter of 8mm. The slimmer Mark III is for those who may be more prone to suffering from hand fatigue while drawing for long periods of time.

If you are looking for something other than brass then we have other metal mechanical pencils such as our stainless steel mechanical pencil which has a gorgeous modern look to it. Much the same could be said about our titanium mechanical pencils too. please take a look a tour full range of metal mechanical pencils here.

Metal Mechanical Pencil

As well as metal pencils and pens we have some lovely handmade wooden mechanical pencils available to order too. All available to order through the website with personalisation too in some instances.

And if you are after pens, then we have two models available to you. Firstly we have the big brother of the two “The Writer Pen” and secondly we have “The Traveller Pen” which is the smaller of the two. Both are available to purchase through the website.


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