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The Best Mechanical Pencils For Drawing & Writing

Hemingway supposedly used to use a Palomino pencil if you were curious enough to want to know.

Who would want to know this? Who cares.

Nicholas Hemingway a relative of Ernest does not use a Palomino pencil. Nor is Nicholas Hemingway a great writer like Ernest, but a designer who adores the simplicity and archaic nature of a pencil alongside a true love for engineering…so guess what he has designed?…yes you may have guessed…a beautifully simple mechanical pencil which he hopes everyone will adore as much as he.


It started as a Kickstarter campaign in 2015 for a beautifully simply pencil for life. A tool to accompany you through your design career and outlast any disposable equivalent. It has got some great PR already and this is just the beginning. Do you have any designer mates who have birthdays coming up? It’s the perfect gift for virtually anyone who has an articulating hand…so…the Hemingway Mechanical Pencil Christmas gift is a must for all.

Buy one at and buy someone a beautiful Christmas gift.

Hemingway Brass Mechanical Pencils

Nicholas has designed these beautiful brass mechanical pencils to be the best mechanical pencils of those available out there on the market. He has used his own design and engineering skills to produce this beautiful handmade pencil to be used in a wide variety of ways. If you’re a writer, artist or engineer, he has designed his range of pencils to suit you, no matter what your field of expertise.

The sale of his pencils literally create forests all over the world.

Nicholas is very conscious of the materials he uses to make his creations. When he uses wood to make his handmade pencils, he gives back to the environment in a big way. Every pencil purchased through the online shop goes toward a new tree being planted so that his use of wood is exponentially giving back to the planet. If you were to buy one of his mechanical pencils, one tree would be planted, but if you were to buy 10 of his pencils, then 10 trees would be planted. Surely this is the best way to buy mechanical pencils…isn’t it?

The best mechanical pencil can be a matter of taste or function…

When choosing the best mechanical pencil for the job required, you need to first establish What the best means to you. Everyone’s interpretation is going to be very different. When defining the best pencil for the right person, a number of factors need to be considered. Are you an artist or an engineer? If you are an artist, your way of using a mechanical pencil will differ to the way an engineer will use it. An artist will probably have more of a natural free flowing way of using the pencil – using natural strokes and shading for extended hours of use – whereas an engineer will be using the same pencil in a completely different way, more likely using the pencil less for natural organic lines and perhaps using the pencil against a ruler for extended periods of time. This varying use of a pencil can seriously change the perspective of a user and skew one’s opinion of what makes the best mechanical pencil. What I’m saying is, you have to choose a pencil according to it’s specific use, and then that will be the best mechanical pencil for the job.

That being said, many choose a pencil that looks good and that is fine if you are not using it for extended periods of the day. If you choose an overly heavy pencil then this will be noticed in terms of hand fatigue you will experience over continued use. But, if you are only using a pencil occasionally throughout the day, you will not need to worry about hand fatigue, and your prime concern for choosing a pencil will become purely aesthetic.


Maybe a lighter pencil would be a better pencil for me?

Walnut and brass mechanical pencilEbony & Brass Mechanical Pencil

These are Nicholas Hemingway’s handmade wooden pencil versions. The first is made from Walnut and Brass and the second is made from reclaimed Ebony Hardwood. Both pencils are a lot lighter than his brass and other metal versions (although he does have a very light Brass version also available – The Slimline Mark III) and can be used for extended periods of time, but the differing texture of the wood instead of metal is one to be considered. A lot of people love the natural feel of wood in their hands – especially artists we have found – and this may be due to the fact that they feel more like a paintbrush in the hand, and something they are more accustomed to.

There is no right or wrong answer, but a good designer thinks about and considers all possibilities.




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