The Traveller Pen


The Traveller Pen by Nicholas Hemingway

The second pen in Nicholas Hemingway’s range has been designed not only to be as tactile as possible, but to work like no other pen before it.

Both the Traveller Pen and Writer Pen utilise the natural oils found in the skin to enable the smoothest mechanical function in the open/close mechanism of the stainless steel pen and its aluminium sleeve.

This unique tactile relationship between the user and the pen itself create a perfect harmony.


The Traveller Pen is for writers and creatives of any kind – everyone has a life worth writing about. An elite precision tool designed for everyone – for a life of creativity and a life of expression.

The beautifully brushed stainless steel pen uses a Type K Ink Cartridge (Parker pen type) and is housed in a brushed aluminium super-engineered sleeve that glides super-softly upon opening and closing.

Over-engineered to open and close smoother than any other pen.

The Traveller Pen’s aluminium sleeve incorporates two O-rings to produce the smoothest operating opening and closure system seen on any pen to date.

Comes in a beautiful gift box with Vegan leather case in a choice of black or tan Vegan leather.